Horseshoe Hammond Casino: Poker Tournaments

The World Series Circuit is just one of many highlights on the schedule of Horseshoe Hammond poker tournaments. This renowned casino in Hammond, Indiana, features numerous tournaments and special events throughout the year.

Horseshoe Hammond Tournament Locations

Most of the tournaments played at the Horseshoe Hammond will take place in the main poker room, a spacious 34-table room where any game or tournament can be played for any limits -- as low or as high as you want to make it.

Exclusive, invitation only tournaments can be scheduled in "Benny's Back Room." This private room was named after the original founder of the Horseshoe Hammond's Las Vegas counterpart. For more information on scheduling a tournament or gaining access to the room, high rollers can contact the poker room directly at (001) 291 473 6065.

Regular Weekly Tournaments

Regular tournaments are held each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $100 buy-in. Participants receive 3,000 chips but can elect to bonus buy 1,000 additional starting chips for  just $10. Blinds increase every 20 minutes.

On Fridays and Sundays a higher stakes tournament exists. The buy-in is $200 with 5,000 starting chips. Again, patrons can elect the optional bonus buy to get 1,000 additional chips for $10. On these days blind levels increase every half-hour.

Saturday is typically a special event day where seasonal and Horseshoe Hammond special event poker tournaments are played. On the last Saturday of each month, a standing tournament exists with a $500 buy-in for 8,000 starting chips. $10 bonus buy purchases 2,000 in extra chips and the blinds increase every 40 minutes.


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