Learn about the home poker tournament blind structure

When playing a poker tournament at home, it can be difficult to decide how to structure the blinds. Maybe you have people that are going to arrive late and you don’t want the blinds to be high when they turn up. And if your poker tournament is more about catching up with friends than gambling, you don’t want the blinds to increase too quickly because as you are chatting, the blinds will be going up and up.

If you are having a tournament at home, it's a good idea to arrange the blinds beforehand and stick to it. Blind structure is very important for a good tournament. For a home poker tournament blind structure, there are many websites that can help you to plan your game and even decide the blinds for you.

Pokersoup.com have a good calculator. Simply enter the number of players, how long you want the tournament to last for, the smallest chip denomination, the starting amount of chips for each player and how long you want each blind to last for. You can do other things like add on rebuys and include antes and the calculator will recommend a blind structure for you.

Blindvalet.com is also very good. It works out the blind structure for you, and also works out your payout structure and has a tournament clock. You can include antes and rebuys. On the tournament clock, you simply click when a person is put out or if someone rebuys. The clock will record this and let you know the average stack and the amount of active players. The prize pool also updates as rebuys are added.


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