Hold'em for the fun of it

There really is a genuine love for that game of poker that doesn't always revolve around the cash. For a true player sometimes they just want to play to develop strategies, maybe even sometimes for fun and a lot of websites don't cater to this side of the game. Most websites focus heavily on just the cash side of the game, obviously to make lots of money and ignore the guys that just want to play. There are many websites that allow you to play free online poker.

On these sites you play with virtual money so no-one gets hurt but you can still track your winnings so people still play the game the way they would with real cash. Some websites also review pay to play websites so if you do decide to play for cash, you'll know the best places to go.

There are also many UK poker rooms where you can learn new skills or improve on some of your strategies and these are well worth checking out. Bwin is one of the best.

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