Harrah’s Poker Tournaments

Any poker player worth their salt will tell you that Harrah’s poker tournaments are nothing short than epic. Harrah’s is actually part of Caesars Entertainment, the world’s largest gambling giant. In fact, Caesars is such a huge name in the casino world that even most non-gamblers have heard of it. It comes as no surprise then to hear that Harrah’s is equally huge – and so are their tournaments.

Firstly, it is worth noting that Harrah’s actually offers a number of affordable buy-ins. Despite its reputation as being a world-class gambling venue, buy-ins are usually around the $58 mark (though this does not include the entry fee, which ranges from $12 to $20 depending on the tournament).

Higher up the buy-in chart, you will find more expensive buy-ins for daily Harrah’s poker tournaments. These tend to range anywhere from $90 to $120 and will also require an additional entry fee of around $12 to $20.

The 2011 World Series of Poker championships saw Harrah’s in Las Vegas host the Main Event Championships in April of that year. The final event had a buy-in of $1,600, which 449 players met, generating a total prize fund of $646,762. Kyle Cartwright was crowned champion in the event and walked away $142,290 richer. Certainly no mean feat, considering the 23 year-old student originally entered the tournament with an initial bankroll of just $2000.

Harrah’s offer affordable daily buy-ins that are suitable for both beginner and experienced poker players alike. Coupled with the fact that major Harrah’s poker tournaments attract poker pros from across the globe, it’s no wonder the casino continues to be unmissable.

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