Are You Looking For a Harrah s Chester Poker Tournaments Schedule?

If you're in Pennsylvania then Harrah's Chester poker tournaments is the place to be!, you'll be pleased to know that there's no shortage of poker at Harrah's! For a quick look at what's available you need to head over to this URL: http://www.harrahschester.com/casinos/harrahs-chester/casino-misc/ccr-live-table-games-poker-detail.html, and once you're there you'll be spoilt for choice!

Let's see what some of your options are? The great news is that daily tournaments are back, and the Bad Beat Jackpot stands at $250,312 as of the 12th of August 2011! There are no limits, and you only need to buy in for $20 or more to get to play. There are also monthly freerolls, Tuesday freerolls, and Wednesday $1.00 'dog days'.

Harrah's also have daily tournaments going, and there's a morning and evening tournament on each day of the week. The buy-in differs depending which day you choose to play, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are bounty tournaments. If for any reason you need to get hold of the poker room, you can give them a call on 484-490-2217. This means that if you want more information you can speak to a real person and get your questions answered right away. Talk about customer service!

If you plan to travel to Chester to play in the tournaments, the site also lists hotels you can stay at and some other forms of entertainment to check out while you're in town. So it's easy to see how Harrah's takes care of all your poker tournament needs while you're in town, head on over and be apart of the action!

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