Meet the challenges and win Goodgame Poker awards

Goodgame Poker is an online community card game where a lot of the fun is in the details. It's a great way of getting young players interested in developing poker skills, or just a fun way of killing some time between hitting the serious poker sites. Customize your own avatar, give other players gifts, rise in the rankings, and above all, secure those Goodgame Poker awards.

Head for http://poker.goodgamestudios.com for a chance to try out the game. Goodgame Poker is a casual multiplayer game that is all about interaction. Register for free, shop for accessories for your avatar and build your own network with your friends. The local and global rankings published on the site show where you are standing so you can keep tabs on your progress through the game and check how your friends and rivals are getting on.

You rise through the levels through winning games by your skill on the poker table. Just pull up at a free seat and start hitting those killer hands. As you accumulate more chips you acquire more points, and more buying power.

The key to progress in the the game is mastering the challenges. If you succeed in accomplishing a challenge you receive Goodgame Poker awards. These can take the form of chips, gold bars and points. There is a record of the awards won by each player on their profile. Ultimately the awards you collect raise you up the rankings, leaving your rivals trailing in the dust.

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