Golden Gates Casino: Poker Tournament Schedule

The Golden Gates poker tournament schedule includes four daily games of no-limit Texas Hold-'Em with varying levels of buy-in amounts.

Daily Poker Tournaments

Monday through Thursday, the Golden Gates offers four daily games at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. The first game of the day requires a $40 buy-in for 3,000 starting chips with 15-minute blinds. The 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. tournaments cost $60 to buy in, with 8,000 starting chips and 20-minute blind increases. The final game of the day has a buy-in of $100 for 12,000 starting chips and 20-minute blinds.

Friday and Saturday games are at the same time slots, but the buy-ins are more expensive -- up to $150 for a Saturday deep stack tournament, or $60 + $60 + $60 for the Saturday night tourney -- and the associated prize pools are higher.

"Get Paid to Play" at Golden Gates

Regular poker patrons will earn vouchers toward the following week's tournament entry. For 15 hours of live action play, regular players earn a $60 voucher, and for players who spend more than 20 hours at the table, a tournament voucher worth $100 awaits.

"Super Sunday" Tournament

Enjoy some high stakes tournament action on Sundays with the Golden Gates "Super Sunday" tournament. With a prize of $20,000, this noon-time tournament offers the opportunity to play against the best Colorado has to offer.

Get 40,000 chips if you buy $300 before the first hand is played, and receive two $100 re-buys, each worth 10,000 chips. Levels are 30 minutes in duration and re-buys can only be used before the break.

Colorado Poker Championship

The Golden Gates is the home of the annual Colorado Poker Championship. With a prize pool of $150,000 the tournament is a multi-week event based wholly at Golden Gates, featuring a poker tournament schedule comprising various different individual tournaments.

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