What is the Full Tilt Poker bot?

Most poker sites are safe and have robust measures to keep them safe. However over the last few years, since online poker has become as popular as playing real life poker, there have been a few incidences that have made people think twice about joining poker sites. One of the most famous was the Full Tilt Poker bot issue, and in particular the case of Russell Hamilton.

Full Tilt Poker have had bot issues before, and have had a few lawsuits on their hands as a result of it. Bots are programmes that play poker automatically without a person being involved in the game. Full Tilt were taken to court when they suspended accounts of alleged bot players and refunded the money to people that lost out to bots.

This is becoming a more frequent problem, with bots being identified over dozens of large poker sites and many customers losing money as a result. PokerStars, for example, is another site that has had issues with bots.

A major problem is that the bots didn't used to be very clever and decent poker players could easily bluff bots out, but now they are ‘smarter’ and as a result, taking more people's money. Sites have methods for identifying bots and calculating how much each player has lost to them when they are identified, but many slip under the radar undetected.

One of the biggest cheats of online poker was Russ Hamilton (a WSOP Main Event winner). He was accused of cheating people out of around $22 million when he used software that enabled him to see his opponents' cards.

Unfortunately it seems inevitable that as long as online gambling exists, there will be people who try to cheat the system. However sites are finding better ways to detect bots and take them out.

While Full Tilt Poker are fixing the bot problem, they rely on your hlpe to help them prevent future incidences. All online poker players can play their part in making the game more fair by looking out for suspicious activity. Don’t let bots put you off online poker - just be smart about where you play.

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