Full Tilt Poker Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android: a review

Full Tilt Poker has long been a mainstay of the online poker industry. It secured its place there by being cutting edge and delivering poker products that the public wanted. The Full Tilt poker app continues in that vein and it offers poker affectionados a new and exciting way of playing poker on the go.

In a Rush?

Currently, there is no Full Tilt Poker app on Android so those of you with Apple devices are in a privileged position for now. Apple users can find the Full Tilt Poker app in the App store under the name Full Tilt Rush Poker. It is free to download to your Apple device be it an iPhone, an iPad or iPod Touch once said device is operating iOS 5.0 or above.

Instead of playing traditional style poker tables or tournaments, the Full Tilt Rush Poker app sets you up against a variety of opponents which changes at the conclusion of each hand. The app places you as one player in a giant pool of players putting you at a new table for each hand. The beauty of this set up is that as soon as you fold a hand you can immediately get stuck into a new hand at another table. This is where the term Rush comes from as you play poker at a furious pace.

As on the Full Tilt website you have the option to play for play money or real cash. If you intend playing for cash then once you download and install the app, set up a Full Tilt account and you will receive £10 welcome package as a bonus upon verifying your account. From there it is quite simple to top up your balance and withdraw your winnings.

Game Play

The game play on the Full Tilt Rush Poker app is very stylish and intuitive with all necessary buttons placed comfortably around the screen tables. It is also very quick to get involved in your first hand.

On the startup screen you have 3 pieces of information to fill in before you start playing Rush poker. First you choose to play for cash or play money. Next, choose to play Texas Hold Em or Omaha. And finally set your stakes and away you go.

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