Full House Poker is coming to Xbox Live!

Xbox Live has become one of the best reasons to own an Xbox. With so many incredible arcade titles especially in 2010, Xbox Live has truly pushed the boat out for high quality low cost titles. There has been some phenomenal games, Limbo, Shadow Complex, Hydrophobia, Professor Winterbottom, the list goes on.

In the earlier days of Live Arcade very few quality original titles ever came to the forefront. This was because people did not know how much could be done on the arcade. Recently though, teams like Epic have proved that you can have high quality, retail style games that won't cost the earth! More and more brilliant games keep popping up with big games developers finding that sometimes the arcade is the best way to sell their games.

There have been a few o.k poker games on the arcade but nothing that really delivers the experience, Full House Poker is shaping up to be a knock out title though. The first cool thing about this game is the fact that you can see your avatar playing off against other avatars. It also has a wide variety of game modes to give you the most options in your poker experience.

Like 1 vs 100 there is a live 30min show called 'Texas Heat' that runs online. This is easily the coolest sounding feature for the game. It is rumoured that Microsoft will be running prizes for the tournament, probably some free MSP up for grabs, nice!

If you have a windows 7 phone you never have to leave Full House Poker behind. They have developed it for the phone also so you can keep your tournaments going while you're on the move.

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