Full house, the poker rules

The full house poker rules are simple, basically any three cards of the same number or face, matched up with any pair will create this hand. A full house is one of the stronger hands in poker, let's take a look at where it stands in the hand rankings.

The hand rankings in order from the highest are as follows:

Straight flush

Four of a kind

Full house



Three of a kind

Two pair

One pair

High card

As you can see the full house falls in at third highest of the bunch. Since the Royal Flush is just the top Straight flush there is no need to list it as a separate hand.

There are different levels of full house depending on how the hand is created. Basically the three cards matching are what counts when it comes to reading them. If you have a full house that has three Kings and two 3s and an opponent has three Queens and two 10s, you will win because your King beats his Queen.

When is it best to [play a full house in poker? Any time really. Being the third highest ranked hand it isn't a hand that often comes up. If your have a low full house and you feel a little off playing it, don't! Trust your gut instinct. It is almost always worth playing but try to read the plays that other people are making. If someone is pushing a little harder than usual they normally have a full house or above.

You can always find out more information online, even hit up the poker page on the wikipedia.org website.

There you have it, the full house and poker rules that go with it explained.

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