The Full house poker glitch

As with any game Full House poker has a glitch or two in the system. The difference with other types of games is that you don't generally gain a tonne of free cash. With these glitches you will!

For those of you who don't know what Full House Poker is let us explain. Basically it's a pretty standard poker game on Xbox Live. It is not a retail game it is available from the marketplace for 800MSP. Now onto the good stuff... the glitches!

1. Unlimited Chips (For the patient player): The reason we say you need patience is because you will have to repeatedly do this trick to make some actual cash but in the world of glitches, this is a pretty standard infinite cash glitch.

So, first off get an Xbox Live buddy to host a private game with any Buy-In, Turn Timers off, Players Per Table 2 House Players on. The next thing you want to do is get your make to start a match and invite you to join. When you drop in wait until you are dealt in your two cards and then jump back out of the match.

As soon as you quit the game has returned the buy in chips. The reason this works is because you don't actually buy in. Since you dropped in mid game and were only dealt the cards you will get the cost of Buy-in back for free. With the ability to set any buy in this is a great way to make some cash. You will have to repeat to make any real money though, this is due to the cap on the so called 'any buy-in' that can be set.

2. Infinite wins: If you want to keep winning but don't want to put the effort in this is the glitch for you. Start buy searching for a match with a high buy in, might as well make some cash too! Again, you will not loose your buy in!

When everyone has been dealt cards pull the connection quickly and reconnect. Carry on playing the hand until everyone folds, once you win the hand they will all leave giving you all the cash and the win. Sweet!

There you have it, Full House poker glitch for your benefit.

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