The Full House Poker Dallas League

If you're looking to compete in a free poker league, then a popular website you should consider that might tickle your fancy is Full House Poker Dallas. The website, which runs a league based in the Texan city, is popular among poker fans looking to enjoy a game of poker, whilst meeting new friends who also share their passion for the game in the process. The website hosts numerous tournaments throughout the Dallas area and is steadily growing its membership as players across the state flock to take part and join its ranks.

Each tournament allows poker players to battle it out for points and numerous prizes. Every night, two events take place, both consisting of No Limit Texas Hold'em, but with a friendly, fun ambiance.

The Full House Poker Dallas league take place in various locations on a regular basis around the state of Texas. Some of these locations include Froggy's Boat House in Fort Worth, Main St. Cafe in Keller, Jalapenos Mexican Cuisine in Keller, Iguana's Bar & Grill in Fort Worth and numerous other locations in and around Dallas.

The League has also recently begun hosting a special Las Vegas Trip Tournament, in which players who have been climbing up the ranking can earn a chance to compete in a special expenses-paid trip to the world's poker capital.

Whilst it may be true that Full House Poker Dallas is a relatively young league and website, it is steadily growing as more and more members join its ranks - and this looks set to only continue.

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