Get the look right with Full House poker chips

Got the boys coming round for the poker game next weekend? Maybe it's time to get rid of those scruffy old chips and invest in a brand new Full House poker chips set.

Great to handle, easy to stack and, best of all, very sweet to sweep your way when you've just pulled off a coup with a cool river card flush, Full House chips make a friendly game that touch classier.

You won't need to dip too deep into your winnings to buy a set either. A complete set of Full House chips is available on Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) at just £37.99.

The chips come in a smart, durable and lightweight aluminum case with black vinyl panels. The 300 top quality 11.5 grams ABS Poker Chips are stacked in neat rows just ready to be dealt out for the start of the game.

For those lightweights easily distracted by other games (you mean there are games that aren't poker?) the Full House set even includes 2 Decks of premium playing cards, 5 9mm red translucent dice and a 50mm ABS engraved dealer chip. The How to Play Rules booklet is a frankly insulting inclusion, but we'll let it pass.

If you want to go beyond the call of duty, head over to ebay (www.ebay.co.uk), where Full House Trading offers ceramic poker chip sets, as seen in all the big televised tournaments.

They make a satisfying clink when you tap them distractingly, while you stare down your opponents. There are slight printing flaws, which means you can pick up a set for £69.99, around 75% cheaper than the regular price. You'll fall in love with them.

In fact you might like these Full House poker chips so much you'll be reluctant to go all-in. Let the rest of them bluff, you want to keep your stack nice and tidy. You can get started and play free online poker on poker.bwin.com.

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