Full house poker chip tricks and tips

Full House poker chip tricks are a neat little idea in this great arcade title. Chip tricks are a series of funky animations your avatar will act out with various d-pad commands. While these might seem a little gimmicky at first they do actually end up playing a great role in the game.

If you imagine the chip tricks to be a way of expressing emotions you can begin to see the use for these animation. They enable to show whether you are playing a confident bet, whether you are unsure or if you are thinking of folding.

This allows the players to begin bluffing opponents. They will have to try to read your moves even though your avatar may be acting confident doesn't mean you have a decent hand but then again, maybe you do?

There is no real trick to getting the chip tricks as such, basically they unlock as you level up. You just have to level up until you have collected all of them.

Again there is a little more to these chip tricks. If you are an avid achievement hunter like most 360 owners then you will need some of these chip ticks to get the achievements.

There are three in total.

1. It's like a wave: All 10 players at a single table performed a chip trick during the same hand. Achieve this and it will get you 10G.

2. Extra Tricky: Performed 3 different chip tricks in the same hand. Again you will pick up 10G for this achievement.

3. Trickster: Performed a chip trick at the table or while a menu screen is displayed. This is the last of the achievements and will fetch you 5Gs.

You can find more information on Full House poker chip tricks and achievements at the xbox360achievements.org website.

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