Are You Searching For Full House Poker Tournaments In Atlanta?

It can be hard to find where to play full house poker in Atlanta, and the reason for this is because gambling for cash or items of value is illegal in this state. All the legal games you'll find in the area will be free tournaments, so let's see what someone had to say about it?

A search for free poker tournaments in Atlanta leads to a review site called yelp.com, and this site features a list by a poker player who has played in a number of these free tournaments, and wanted to share the information. There are a mind blowing 41 free poker tournaments listed in this review, so if you want enough information to keep you going for some time, bookmark this site. The stars awarded are based on the bar facilities and not the poker games themselves, so bear that in mind when browsing through! Most of the games listed here are organized by the Atlanta Poker Club or Full House Holdem. Use this url to access the list directly: http://www.yelp.com/list/poker-in-atlanta-atlanta

The top review is for the Wooden Nickel Pub on Tucker Norcross Road. This venue gets three stars for its food and service. It's apparently cheap, the staff is friendly, and the food's decent.  Poker games are held here on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, which makes this the place to go if you're looking for weekend entertainment. The décor leaves something to be desired, but chances are your eyes will be on your cards most of the time anyway!

This poker review for games in Atlanta is a must see, so if you're after legal games at almost any time, on any day, head on over and have a look!

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