Plenty of options for free to play poker

A fantastic way of learning the ropes of poker is by playing for free. Free to play poker is available in many different places online and is a great way of getting an introduction to the game without putting your personal finances in danger.

Millions of Facebook users regularly play poker for free on the Zynga platform. All you need to do to play poker on Facebook is like the Zynga page.

This gives you the opportunity to play for free against your friends and other Facebook users. While there's no cash prizes for playing poker on Facebook, players are awarded points and there's a leaderboard that tracks your progress.

Online poker sites are also great places to play poker for free. There are a couple of different options for playing free poker.

You can set up a play money account on most poker sites where you get a stack of virtual chips and can play against other players. Like poker on Facebook, there are no cash prizes, but it's a great way of learning the basics of the game.

If you lose your chips, you can easily replenish your stack and continue playing. Pokerstars and Paddy Power Poker are just two of the sites who offer this option to players.

Or you can register in a freeroll tournament on poker sites. There are various freerolls available. Some of them require points for entry, which you earn from playing with real money, while others are open to everyone.

The great thing about playing freerolls online is there's often substantial cash prizes on offer for the winning players!


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