Learn the rules to four card poker online free!

Finding the rules to four card poker online for free can be difficult, that's why we have decided to go through them for you. We have put together a rough guide to get you started in the right direction.

The game starts when the dealer deals each player five cards, The dealer also deals him/herself 6 cards with one face up. Now their are two types of bets, the aces up or the ante bet. Now the players making the Ante bet have to fold or raise. If you fold, your out, if you raise you have to raise by at least the Ante.

The hand rankings are the same as poker except the highest is a four of a kind. Each player burns one card and keeps the best four. The dealer then does the same and makes his best four face up.

Now you have to compare your best against the dealers best, highest hand wins. If you have a minimum three of a kind you will get a bonus regardless of what the dealer has. If you have better you get a 1 to 1 on the ante and raise. If you have a weaker hand you lose the ante and raise.

You can also bet aces up, this is where the pay tables make a difference to how much you can actually make. Aces up can get you up to 50 to 1 return but it's a risky play.

There you have it, the basics of four card poker online for free, just like we promised.

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