Big hands in the sun at the Florida millions poker tournament

Among the biggest tournaments pulling in players from across the United States, the Florida Millions poker tournament (www.flmillion.com) has plenty of escalating action to keep the focus on the tables and way from all that Florida sunshine.

The Florida Millions is a $500 + $50 buy-in tournament, beginning with players getting their first hands dealt at opening round tables in 7 different poker rooms at various locations across the state,before the action culminates in a final show-down at the big-money table in Jacksonville.

The 2011 event in April did not disappoint, with some fiercely competitive poker experts convening at the final table. Finalists included the recent World Series of Poker Circuit main event Champion, John Riordan, and it's indicative of the competition's strength that he could only grab sixth place.

Local Jacksonville favourite Dann Turner eventually emerged victorious after a showdown with fellow Florida player Richard Sessions from Palm Beach. The chip stacks went up and down with some dramatic hands for a while before Turner was finally anointed the Florida Million III champion, securing $150,000 in first place prize money.

The success of the event, the number of entries and the popularity of the multi-venue format means that the Florida millions poker tournament is likely to resume in 2012, maybe even with a larger pot.

Check the website for details and announcements regarding the next Florida millions, and maybe start thinking about flights to Florida and a $500 bankroll. Hey, even if you get knocked out on an early table, there's always the beach. . .

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