Top 3 Draw Poker strategy tips to remember

One of the oldest forms of poker still played today is 5 Card Draw Poker. The game is exciting and full of action, but it is a rarity among online poker sites and in brick-and-motor poker rooms. That being said, the game is played in homes with as much enthusiasm. With only one draw and two rounds of betting at every hand, you’ll want to keep these three basic Draw Poker strategy tips in mind whenever you play.

1. Watch your opponents closely

Always watch your opponents closely. Watching your opponents closely allows you to have a fairly good idea of the kind of hands they have and judge their overall game skill level. It is relatively easy to see the number of cards an opponent draws in 5 Card Draw Poker. If your opponent happens to draw just one card, for instance, then he or she probably has a flush, straight draw or two pairs.

2. Be selective with your starting hands

One of the most common mistakes beginning players make is not being selective enough with their starting hands. If you want to enjoy more successes playing poker, don’t buy fully into the common thinking that “any hand can win.” Of course it is true that any hand can win in poker, but some hands are more likely to win than others. So, be selective and don’t play too many hands. Some hands can cause you to lose more money than is necessary or normal.

3. Play your strong hands slow

If you have a strong hand, don’t get carried away and play it fast. Top Draw Poker strategy tips advice you take your time and play it slow, otherwise your opponents might find the opportunity to outdraw your hand. Pre-draw to make sure your hand is good enough and then place strong bets in the last rounds.

Bonus Tip: Don't bluff too much

Another common mistake when playing poker is the misconception that you need to bluff to win. In actual fact, you don’t need to bluff to win. Bluffing is not essential in poker. One of the most useful Draw Poker strategy tips you can take away is not to bluff if you can avoid it. Instead, focus more on playing your cards well rather than trying to bluff opponents out of hands.

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