Playing dragon play texas holdem

The dragon play texas holdem game is a great game that can be played not just on smart-phones but also on social networks such as Facebook. Dragonplay have successfully taken the ever popular phenomenon of playing poker online and combined it with another phenomenon, the world of mobile apps. They have created a fun, casual way to enjoy poker where ever you are, on your phone.

You can gain access to the texas hold'em game on the android market, simply type in the game title and freely download the game onto your phone. You can alternatively download the game via the website by visiting http://www.dragonplay.com/Download.aspx and following the instructions. The game is great for those who want to play poker for free and without the competition of playing for money. It's free to join and free to pay, so you can have fun with your other competitors and collect virtual money. You can compete against your friends and view the leaderboards to see which of your friends has the most virtual chips won.

Where ever you are, as long as you have access to the internet then you are free to play the excellent game. You can either select the table you wish to join or click 'find me a seat' to start playing. Why not download or install the game now and put your poker skills to the test in this fun, exciting and practical way of playing poker. There are also other Dragonplay games for you to explore so make sure you look at the other options available.

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