What is a Continuation Bet (or 'C-Bet')

Learning the basics of poker can be the difference between picking up a big prize and cashing out early. It's important to make the right moves at the right time, to maximize your chance of beating your opponents. The continuation bet (or 'C-bet') is one such move that can earn you a lot of chips...if you know when to use it.

Mastering the C-Bet

A continuation bet (or C-bet) is a very simple move, but it can be a very effective way of claiming a pot that would have otherwise been out of your reach.

A C-bet is played when the pre-flop raiser places a new bet after the flop, even if their hand didn't improve between rounds. This is a great way to scare off opponents that didn't connect with any cards on the flop and don't want to risk gambling their chips away.

The strength of the C-bet is in it's flexibility. It's very difficult for your opponent to know whether you're bluffing or not, allowing you to take advantage of weaker players, or start building a big pot on the occasions you do manage to connect with the flop.

There is a time and a place for the C-bet, however. It's not a good idea to play it every single time, as your strategy will become obvious. Knowing when to play a C-bet comes down to reading and understanding the flop. If the flop is weak and the player has two reasonably high cards, it's generally safe to play a C-bet, as it's unlikely any other player will have hit their mark. However, if the flop reveals possible straight or flush draws, it's better to flee before things get messy!

An example of a weak flop would be the two of hearts, the six of spades and the nine of diamonds. An example of a strong flop would be the eight of clubs, the nine of clubs and the ten of clubs. Keep these factors in mind when considering a C-bet!

Pick Your Moment

The important thing to remember is that the power is in your hands. A well-timed continuation bet (or C-bet) can scare off your opponents, leaving you free to scoop up your winnings, however, a poorly-timed C-bet can see you losing more than you bargained for. It's a game of chance, after all!

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