Card Counting Software

Card counting software, usually used for Blackjack, allows you to bet at the optimum moment in Blackjack and provides you with better odds of winning. However, there is some dispute into whether or not card counting software is legal. At the moment, there is no regulation banning the use of this software, and there are many available online to download.

Casino Disputes

Casinos do not have a firm policy about card counting software, nor is it regarded as illegal. However, using card counting software can get you banned from online sites if you're found out, and banned from casinos if you use card counting software on your phone.

Some card counting software claims to be 'fool proof', but many online casinos have procedures and methods of detection for what they consider cheating. Although not illegal, many players and casinos doconsider card counting software cheating.

Online Card Counting Software

There are various online card counting softwares available for download, which can be used in conjunction with games played online. However, many players suggest that card counting software should only be used to develop your own strategy and not as a method of cheating, as it is very easy to be caught by online casinos if your winning streak matches the performance of a card counting software.

Casinos are usually on top of the technological development of certain software and analysis their characteristics or performance; if you constantly use card counting software, you will eventually be caught and possibly face ramification from the casino.

How do they work

Card counting software works by allowing you to input the amount of cards dealt out, the method of dealing (i.e., how many cards per turn) and if any cards have already been seen. It is not a fool proof software but does give an advantage to players.

Tournament Bans

Recently, Apple has developed a card counting software and app for the iPhone which held a disclaimer as a 'learning/entertainment software' but was used in casinos. After casinos became aware of this, the software was released with a 'stealth mode' - where the screen would appear black and a player would only need to know where the buttons were to use the software. Because of this, large tournaments have completely banned the use and possession of smartphones and particularly iPhones in their tournaments.

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