calgary poker tournaments that took place in 2010

A number of Calgary poker tournaments took place in 2010. The Canadian felt saw a number of poker pros rip through the competition, but some lesser-knowns also made their mark on the Calgary poker scene.

The first of the Calgary poker tournaments in 2010 to kick-off took place on New Year’s Day, January 1st as the Holiday Freeze Out competition begun its $220 buy-in at the Cash Casino. First place went to Garland Aubigne, who walked away with a cool $7000.

January 6th saw the CPT Monthly Poker Challenge take place at the Grey Eagle Casino. The $400 buy-in afforded Terry Barrette a 1st place prize of $11,000.

The number 13 may be unlucky for some, but January 13th proved to be a lucky time for Lorne Voth; he finished in first place for a whopping $8,300 in Event 1 of the CPT Kick Off Series. Event 2 of the same tournament, which took place on January 14th, saw Ron Follgard take $12,500 for his first-place win. Event 3 – the Pot Limit Omaha challenge which took place on January 15th, had a first-place prize of $9,800 that was awarded to winner James Gibson. Event 4, which had an impressive 1st place prize of $18,000, was won by Aaron Caldwell.

These four events culminated in an intense Event 5 that kicked-off on January 17th. The CPT Sunday Kick Off Series, which had a buy-in of $225, took place at the Deerfoot Inn Casino. MarcWilson walked away the winner of the event, taking the $8,800 spoils for his first place finish.

Of course, there is always plenty of poker action taking place in Calgary. Watch this space for more details of Calgary poker tournaments, 2010 and beyond!

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