Bwin Poker Tournament Clock

Poker nights are great fun with your mates but it often happens that arguments arise over when the blinds should have been raised. Getting the bwin poker tournament clock can help you avoid these heated moments and transform your poker nights from amateur night into something that gives you a taste of what a professional poker tournament feels like.

Why Leave Anything to Chance

All you need to get cracking with the bwin poker tournament clock is an apple device. The app works with an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch so once you have one of these running iOS 3.0 or later, head over to the app store (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/bwin-poker-clock/id324260860?mt=8) and download the free bwin timer app.

The app interface is very simple and looks great with all the relevant information laid out on a classy looking black background. The most important bit of information is of course the clock and this is placed prominently in the centre of the screen in huge font. This way each player at the table has no excuses when it comes to blind increases and everyone is on a level playing field.

The bwin clock app has four blind setups ranging from normal to turbo. You can also choose from a number of preset poker tournament settings for your tournament and then quickly edit the details to suit your poker night. You can edit the number of players, stack sizes and even add in details like rebuys and add ons. If you get all the settings just right for your regular poker night then there is a handy save function too.

Quick Start

If you are just desperate to get started and want to see what the bwin poker tournament clock can do for your poker games then check out the Quick Start feature. You can enter the length of time that the game will go on for and then the app will set the blinds and ante for you. All you need to do is play decent poker!

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