Bwin on facebook

Bwin is one of the world's leading poker websites and have a massive base of players that visit them everyday to play poker. Bwin are not satisfied with there huge numbers of players though, they know they can snatch up a few more and rightly so! The biggest and baddest of the social networking giants is Facebook. Everybody has a Facebook account these days even the Queen!

For these reasons it is a very clever move for Bwin to have a Facebook page. They have done a great job with it too. You can get regular updates on upcoming events as well as great tips from the community of people that have already added Bwin. It is also a great way to turn people that may not know about them onto their website.

Head over to Facebook and type in Bwin Poker and add them. If you click on the 'info' tab you can get all the information about their websites and a brief company overview. Be sure to check out the 'Tourneys' and 'Promos' tabs also for all the latest tournament information and promotional offers to avail of.

Any details you need to know about Bwin are all available on their Facebook page. It is a great way to keep up to date with all the goings on at Bwin and all the latest tournaments on the horizon. Check it out today.

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