Brian Campbell's Poker Tournament for charity

Brian Campbell's poker tournament has been running since 2010. He is a defense man for the Chicago Blackhawks and he hosts an annual poker tournament to raise money for his foundation, "Campbell for Kids". The mission of the foundation is to raise funds for charities throughout Chicago and Illinois, that serve children with special needs and learning disabilities.

The Texas Holdem event in 2011, was held at Harrah’s Horseshoe Casino in Hammond. The event was a tremendous success and raised over $160,000. There were over 800 players in attendance, including the entire Blackhawk’s team. As an added perk any person who eliminated one of the Blackhawk’s received a signed jersey right off their back! This year's tournament was won by Bruce Litt who kindly donated $2,000 in winnings back to the charity. There was also other entertainment on the night such as drinks and dining, entertainment and a live auction.

Campbell’s interest in helping children started while he was in New York playing for the Buffalo Sabres. He spent time volunteering at the Summit School which provides special education for children and young adults with disabilities. Brian has continued his relationship with Summit School through hosting the Summit Golf Tournament, where all proceeds benefit the school. He is now trying to help Illinois based children with similar difficulties, through his new foundation.

The charities that will benefit from this years tournament are the Chicagoland Chapter of Autism Speaks, Chicago Public Schools' Beard School and Campbell for Kids. If you want to know more about Brian Campbell’s charity visitcampbellforkids.org for more information.

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