Blackhawk: Daily Poker Tournament Schedule

If you're searching the Net for information on tournaments in Black Hawk, you're in need of a Blackhawk poker tournament schedule. One site has it all, and in almost any city you can think of, so let's head on over to thepokeratlas.com and see what's going on in Black Hawk?

Thepokeratlas.com is a tremendously helpful resource for poker players who want to find local games on a daily basis. The site is updated every 24 hours, and lists all local poker tournaments with information on the venues, costs and the type of poker games being played.

The site lists 10 tournaments in Black Hawk on the 17th of August, and these are held at 4 different venues. The day starts off with 3 poker tournaments starting at 10:00 AM, at The Lodge Poker Room, The Golden Gates Poker Room, and the Isle Black Hawk Poker Room. All these tournaments have minimum buy-ins starting from $40.00 going up to $75.00. These tournaments are all No-Limit Hold'em games, but some allow rebuys.

If you're looking for a poker tournament that starts a little later in the day, you're absolutely spoilt for choice. Two more tournaments start at 12:00 PM, and there are 2 more at 3:00 PM, and the day winds down with another 3 tournaments starting at 7:00 PM. The site has full details on the venues, minimum buy-ins, and the types of tournaments, so see if something there catches your eye.

If you're still unsure which venue to visit, why don't you read the user review section? This will give you an idea which venues other players recommend.

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