Where to find the best poker tournament software

Arguably the best poker tournament software can be found on http://www.thetournamentdirector.net/ which gives you complete autonomy when designing a poker tournament, and allows you to create your own structure whilst interchanging the easy to use interface.

Amongst the features available on this product includes the ability run pot-limits, use a chip calculator and record tournament results and add them to your specific poker league table. The program also recommends both the seating plan and when and who to move a player to another table. Amazingly, the program will even tell you which person is best to move based upon which will keep a balance upon the table that requires another player, preventing the risk of a table becoming uneven and too one sided.

On top of all this, there are also configurable sound alerts which can be scheduled for certain stages during the tournament such as when blinds are scheduled to be raised or whenever you deem a notification to the players to be necessary. The program really does offer it all and with a fantastic set-up, this program will undoubtedly assist you in not just creating a tournament, but also with the hosting of it and the organisation of it.

If this site doesn't satisfy your needs, then another option is http://www.pokertournamentmanager.com which offers a great poker tournament organiser at just £49.95. Like the previous website listed, this program also allows you to create a blind structure and post results of the tournaments you have played in. From the recorded data, the program will generate a series of statistics for each player to make the game more enjoyable and for the more dedicated player to analyse their game.

Both sites truly offer a great poker tournament manager and you are urged to check out both sites before ultimately making a decision of which to go for. Having access to a tournament manager is a great way to maintain organisation and structure to your poker games, and allows you the host to concentrate on your game and not have to worry about the difficulties that occur over the course of a game.

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