Best poker hands ever

During a poker tournament you can see thousands of hands. Many don’t go beyond the flop, many are forgettable but there are a few that people don’t forget. Playing a good hand requires confidence, the ability to read your opponent and a lot of skill. Here we will look at a couple of the best poker hands ever.

Hand 1 – Daniel Negreanu Vs Angel Shlomi

This hand was voted by fans as the best PokerStars hand of all time. The hand saw Angel get pocket Kings when Daniel had 10 – 9 diamonds. Angel was first to act and make a smallish raise and Daniel called but found himself in trouble when he hit top pair on the flop with 9’s. Angel bet quite high and Daniel called. Next card didn’t help either when the queen appeared. Angel bet and Daniel called. The river did no help either. Angel bet 3,000 with his Kings, Daniel with his 9’s raised to 12,800, looked at Angel and said ‘I figure you have aces or kings’ he called it right but Angel clearly got shaken up by that and folded his hand. Angel maybe should have ended the hand earlier with his kings but got bluffed out of quite a lot of money. It was a piece of great play by Daniel.

Hand 2 – Corey Zeidman Vs Jennifer Harman

This was one of the best poker hands ever and Jennifer Harman saw her full house get beat by a very lucky straight flush. Jennifer Harman got pocket queens while Corey had 9-8 diamonds. The flop had 10-J(diamond)-Q giving Corey the lead with a straight while Harman had the trip Queens. Harman bets 500, Corey wants the hand over and bets 2000, Harman calls. Next card 10 of diamonds. Harman has the full house while Corey has his straight. Harman is by far the favourite, one of her queens is a diamond so the only card that Corey could win with is the 7 diamonds to pull of the straight flush. Harman checks it to Corey, Corey bets 1000, Harman raises it to 3,000. At this stage Corey knows he is in trouble and even says how to get out of the hand but he still calls. Next card sees the only card that Corey could win with– the 7 diamonds. Harman bets 3,000, Corey all in, call from Harman and it must have hurt!

Looking at some of the best poker hands ever shows why not everyone can become a great poker player. Some hands out there show you how good some players are at bluffing, at reading opponents, knowing when they are beat and not to invest more into the pot. There are many more great hands out there, check them out!

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