Best Poker Books for Strategy Tips

There are many professional poker players who share their tips and strategy guides in books. But which authors are worth reading? Here, we've listed the best poker books to improve your strategy and help you get the grips with the game even if you're a relatively new player. You can purchase most of these books from Amazon.co.uk, Blackwells, or your local bookstore by enquiring what they have in stock.

Super System 2

Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson retails at around £22.95 and is one of the best poker books available at the moment. It's considered the 'poker bible' amongst players and includes tips from players like Bobby Baldwin and Chip Reese. Published in 1979, the book was said to be 'outdated' by the time the Internet boomed and produced its own bloggers and strategists - but the revised addition contains some new handy poker tips and an excellent foundation for new poker players.

The Theory of Poker

David Sklansky's book retails at £19.95. It's not ideal for beginnings but provides core concept for organisation intricate poker concepts; it covers the basic of pot odds, effective odds and implied odds, bluffing and even semi-bluffing. It also includes advanced theory, such as Sklansky's own Fundamental Theorem of Poker. However, the book is also quite old and players looking for no-limit Hold'em strategy should also consider looking for additional, up to date information about the game. For players looking to increase their understanding of the key concepts of poker, this book is just for you.

Elements of Poker

Tommy Angelo is a poker coach who helped top-flight players develop their mental strategy for the game. It retails at £22.99 and explains approaches to poker and the problems poker players encounter but don't necessarily deal with. Tips include when to quite, coping with loss and essential tips for anyone suffering from tilt.

Ace on the River

The final in the list of our best poker books for strategy and beginners is Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein at £17.99. Greenstein, regarded as one of the best all-round poker players, gives a general guide to gambling life and how to succeed. Tips include managing your finances, playing the right tournaments, fitting your poker lifestyle into your daily life and dealing with poker-related pitfalls.

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