Three best poker apps for iPad and iPod

Poker is the most popular card game in the world. Everybody seems to be playing the game. With the possibility of winning thousands, if not millions of dollars, as a competitive poker player, there is no reason why you shouldn't aim to improve your game.

Poker apps not only allow you to practice your poker skills, but they also keep you entertained on the go or at home. The following are three of the best poker apps out there for iPad and iPod you can download from iTunes Stores.

1. Rush Poker

Rush Poker is one of the best poker apps for mobile devices. You may know that the fast pace of poker requires you to play more than one table simultaneously. Rush Poker addresses the hitherto common problem of not being able to muti-table on smartphones and tablets. However, thanks to this app that was developed by Full Tilt you can play more than one table at once on your mobile deveice.

2. Live Holdem Poker Pro

Live holdem poker pro is a free android app that boasts a large number of users, which means there are always enough tables for you to play at. Some of the top features of this app include the ‘Phone Calls’ feature that prevents annoying ‘phone time-outs’ in the middle of a game. The ‘Facebook Connect’ feature tops the apps' impressive features by making it easy to ‘Plug Play’ on iPads. Unfortunates Liveholdem poker pro is not as yet available for the iPhone.

3. Zynga Poker

Third on our list of best poker apps for iPad and iPod is the Zynga poker app. Zynga is arguably the best social media poker platform out there. While you can’t play for real-money on this social media poker platform, Zynga poker is a powerful, working app that is available as a free download for iPhone and Android.

Bonus apps

Of course, the large number of cool iPad and iPod apps out there makes it difficult to come up with the best poker apps for iPad and iPod. The fact that many of the best apps out there are exclusive either to Android or iPhone did not help things either.

However, in our eyes, the three poker apps for iPad and iphone mentioned here are some of the best in the market. Other impressive apps that in our opinion deserve an honorary mention include Holdem Timer, Poker Manager for iPad, World Series of Poker Hold em Legend and Bwin Poker. Bwin Poker app, for example, is the only real-money poker app in the iTunes Store.

Over to you now. Have we missed a great app you think is worth a mention? Let us know about it in the comments and give your favourite app a heads up.

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