Bellagio Las Vegas: Poker Tournament Schedule

The spectacular water display at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas symbolises the opulent luxury and spectacular upscale entertainment available from one of the most exclusive casinos on the Las Vegas strip. The Bellagio poker tournament schedule is no exception, featuring several exclusive events on the annual calendar, and high stakes daily tournaments for serious players to test their skills among the best.

The Bellagio's famed poker tournament schedule includes the World Poker Tour, where the highest rated professional players compete to add to their million-dollar career earnings.

But exclusive, high-stakes poker at the Bellagio isn't limited to the pros. The Bellagio poker tournament schedule includes upscale events such as the Ultimate Bottle Tournament. Benefiting three major charities, the event allows poker enthusiasts to mingle with the best players in the game and test their skills against seasoned professionals, all while enjoying some fine wines and a game of Texas Hold-'Em in the Monet Ballroom of the Bellagio.

Check the web page for the Bellagio for poker tournament schedule information, details of special competitions and an event calendar. If no exclusive events exist, you can still take part in the action in one of the Bellagio daily poker tournaments.

Daily games of Texas Hold-'Em are held in the Bellagio poker room beginning at 2 p.m. The price for the tournament varies depending on the day. Tuesdays cost $100 plus a $20 buy-in, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are set at $200 plus a $25 buy-in, and the popular Friday and Saturday tournaments cost $500 with a $40 buy-in. Players start with $10,000 in chips.

To play in the ultra-exclusive "Bobby's Room", players must buy in for $20,000.

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