Are You Looking For BC Online Poker?

If you're a poker player in British Columbia and you're searching for bc online poker, there's just one site to look for and that's playnow.com. The site claims to be BC's only legal gambling website, so if you're after a little poker fun online, chances are that this is your safest bet. The site also has lotteries, and the Lotto Max jackpot is estimated at $40,000,000 currently. The site also has a sports, casino and bingo section, so there's something for everyone here. Let's see what poker lovers can look forward to here?

The site has a handy 'getting started' section, which features the software download and special tournaments. The 'poker games' section shows the 'bad beat jackpot, which currently stands at $474, 816.39, and also lists the various poker games available on the site, such as Texas Hold'em poker, SOKO poker, 7card stud poker and many more!

If you're into poker tournaments, you should head to the 'tournaments' section, because there's not only a tournament schedule here, but multi-table tournaments and sit-and-go tournaments are also listed there. There is also a sub section for tournament rules, so if you're new to tournament poker you should have a look around to familiarize yourself with the way things are done.

The site also offers general support from 7:00 AM to Midnight, and there's a handy telephone number you can call. Poker support is offered at all hours, and there's a special number to call if you need poker help. It's easy to see how the site takes care of its poker players, so why not head on over and see what's going on at playnow.com?

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