A Guide to Atlantic City's Poker Tournaments Schedule

Atlantic City is located in New Jersey and is a renowned city for gambling. They city of New Jersey legalised gambling in 1976 in an effort to revitalise the city. It has now become a major attraction for tourists and gambling fans. Atlantic City’s poker tournaments schedule is very large, due to the many casinos located in the city. These are a few of the main casinos in Atlantic City.

Trump Taj Mahal- This casino has well over 80 tables. You can find not only Hold'em, but seven-card stud and Omaha hi-lo, with limits from $1/$2 no-limit Hold'em to $75/$150 limit stud. They also host sit-and-gos and daily tournaments.

The Borgata- the Borgata poker room has over 85 tables. The majority of the games are Texas Hold'em with stakes starting at $2/4 in-limit and $1/2 for no-limit tables.

The Tropicana- This is another super casino located on the boardwalk. They have a great variety of games with 43 tables. They also host daily sit n go's and tournaments.

The Showboat is another casino and it has cheap no-limit hold'em tournament on Saturday nights for $75.

Harrah's poker room has 24 tables that have No-Limit and limit Texas Hold'em poker, as well as some seven-card stud. There are cash games and tournament available.

There is no shortage of casinos in Atlantic City and it is the perfect place to visit if you are a poker fan. With daily cash games and tournaments on offer, it really is a great place to visit.

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