Atlantic City poker tournaments 2011 guide

Atlantic City poker tournaments in 2011 are a dime a dozen. Atlantic City has so many tournaments they are actually a daily event so you should have no problem jumping right in.

Instead of trying to figure out what events are on and where you should be looking, just hit up the 'Ac Poker Guide' (http://www.acpokerguide.com) website.

The Ac Poke Guide website is a guide to all the upcoming events in 2011. Atlantic City is basically non stop poker 24/7 but let's have a look at a few of the bigger events that are coming up.

Borgata Poker Open: The Borgata Poker Open has lots of cash to be won and plenty of rooms for novice and professional players. The Borgata Poker Open is the fourth stop on this season's World Poker Tour schedules, this is big game poker at it's best.

With buy ins starting at $560 and going right up to $10k you had better have your game face on if you want to walk away with some serious cash. All of the information on this tournament is available at the AC Poker Guide.

If you are just hitting up Atlantic City for the weekend you will want to check out the 'Daily Tournaments' section of the website. Here you can find all the latest tournaments, the times, the buy ins and anything else you need to know to get involved.

Make finding tournaments in Atlantic City a lot easier with the AC Guide website. There is an endless list of Atlantic City poker tournaments in 2011, thanks to the AC Guide it is so easy to see what's on.

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