Are you searching for Harrah's Atlantic City poker tournaments?

If you're a poker player in the Atlantic City area or you're planning on visiting, you should find out about Harrah's Atlantic City poker tournaments. Anyone who is anyone plays the Harrah's tournaments, so let's see where you can access updated information on the tournaments, schedules and buy-ins?

Harrahresort.com is a massive resource for anything Harrah's related, and if you're looking for Harrah's tournaments anywhere in the US, this would be the site to use. There is a page that is dedicated to Atlantic City, and to get there you can use this URL: http://www.harrahsresort.com/casinos/harrahs-atlantic-city/casino-gambling/poker-detail.html

The site shows the bad beat jackpot to stand at $173, 397 as of the 23rd of August, so there's a huge amount of money up for grabs. Clicking on the daily tournament link gives you a .pdf document that can easily be saved on your desktop, so this is the way to go if you're into daily tournaments. Let's see what's happening?

Tournaments are run all throughout the week, and this includes Sundays. There seems to be four NL Hold'em tournaments every day, and the first starts at 10:15 AM, then there's another at 1:15 PM, one more at 8:15PM and the day concludes with a tournament at Midnight. The minimum buy-ins and entry fees will vary depending on the day you want to play, so download the .pdf document to get all the details. This is one of the best resources you'll ever get for Harrah s Atlantic City poker tournaments!

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