A few tips on how to play poker

There are so many great tips on how to improve your online poker game that we have put together a list of 5 of the best. There is a never ending wealth of knowledge out there so don't stop with this. These are just a few stepping stones to help you get things started.

1. Know the game: This may sound like a huge ask but what is meant is do not play in a game you haven't watched before. You should always be at the very least familiar with the game you are entering in. This will give you a fighting chance to do well.

2. Never play too high: This is the easiest way to get yourself outted in moments, leaving with head in hands and completely flat broke. Always play in games where you can buy in at around five pounds. This means you have a chance to make money while you are learning and you can progress as you improve.

3. Play solid starters: When people become pro they can do a lot more with bad starter cards but until you reach that level play the safe way. If you have good starter cards play, if you don't, then just fold it up.

4. Bluffing: Only use this when you really feel like you can pull it off. If people pick up that your are doing it they will clean out every penny you have.

5. Watch for tells: If you see things out of the ordinary at the table it is possible to read the next move. If the flop comes out and someone glances at their chips they probably have a good hand. Maybe they throw their chips in when making a bet, this shows aggressiveness meaning they are probably full of hot air.

So with all these tips you have no excuse not to win in some internet poker games.

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