Play poker free online

Poker is played all around the world. If you want to play poker free online, there are a couple of good places to play.

The Governor of Poker is one of our favourite online poker games. It's fun and helps you get your fix of poker without having to shell out any cash. The rewards system offers an extra challenge: you get rewards for winning your first game, beating a flush and knocking people out, among others.

In some free online poker games, the hands are stupid with people calling all in with 9 high - but the hands in this game are realistic, which is important for a good online poker game. You start the game with little reputation, and as you go, you build up your reputation until you become the Governor of Poker.

Another good site is thepokerpractise.com. This site offers advice on playing poker, rules and tips. Importantly you do not have to sign up to anything, you don’t get annoying emails and you don’t have to download anything. You just click and play.

After entering your name, you simply enter how many people you want to play against and if you want to play easy or difficult opponents. It is a simple layout and the blinds rise quickly enough and includes antes.

There are many places online to play free poker. Although these are two are our favourites, there are lots more options out there. Everyone's taste is different, and if you don’t like either of these, you will find one you do like easily enough.

When looking for online poker games, try to avoid ones that require you to download something or sign up to something. These can be dodgy sites that send you heaps of spam or flog your details on to a marketing company.

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