Understanding 7 hand poker rules

The 7 hand poker rules are simple and in some ways a lot like texas hold'em, just with a different structure with regard to how many cards each participant has and how you play the cards. The hand ratings are exactly the same at texas hold'em so if you already understand hand value, then you're already half way there to understanding the rules of 7 hand poker.


  1. Firstly to set up the table, lay out seven coins in a horizontal line, (the reason for this will become clearer later.)
  2. Each player must draw eight cards, these cards are what you use to form your hand. You may play up to five of these cards in one go depending on which hand you possess, from high cards to royal flushes.
  3. Once you have selected which hand you will play, the opposition should inform you which coin he/she wants you to place the cards face down in front of.
  4. After each time you play a hand, that player must pick up a further three cards in the hope they will assist you in playing further hands.
  5. One every coin has two sets of cards either side of it, begin to flip over the cards and establish who has the highest hand rating on each coin. The player who has the best hand takes that specific coin, this is repeated until either one player has four coins or you win three hands in a row.

If you're unaware of the poker hand ratings, then not to worry, you can use a previous article here: http://poker.excite.co.uk/poker-hands-rating-N28460.html.

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