Learn to Play 3 Card Poker: Rules and Strategy

It is time to learn a new poker game to make your casino visits more fun. You need an easy game but one that is also a rush to play. 3 card poker checks all the boxes and we are about to teach you all the 3 card poker rules and a winning strategy to boot.

More Fun Than Blackjack

3 card poker is a very popular game to play in a casino but has a reputation as a casino managers highest earning game. On the flip side of this though, those of you that win in this game will win big so it is definitley a high stakes game. So lets learn the 3 card poker rules and a strategy that can help you make some money.

The first involvement you have as a player is to ante up. The dealer is then dealt three cards and so is the player. The same poker rules apply as far as hand ranks go in 3 card poker execpt that in this game a straight outranks a flush as it is more difficult to get a straight with only three cards. Then, once you see your cards, you decide whether to play or fold. If you play then you must match your ante bet, In order to qualify and play against you, the dealer must have one card at least Queen high. Otherwise you win on your ante.

Just like in Blackjack, you can get a bonus payment on your ante bet if you get dealt a straight, three of a kind or a straight flush regardless of what the dealer is holding. A straight will net you 6-1 on your ante, three of a kind will pay 30-1 and a straigh flush is worth a cool 40-1. Other worthwhile hands are a flush at a 4-1 payout and any pair pays 1-1.

Winner Alright

So now you are armed with the kowledge of how the 3 card poker rules work. And a strategy that will give you the best chance of winning is to bet whenever you have a hand with a Queen, a six and a four or better. These hands gives you the best chance of winning. You can also make some big money off of the pair plus side game that pays you whenever you get a pair.

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