10th Annual European Poker Awards

2010 is well and truly over but the celebration may continue for some of the UK's finest poker players. The 10th Annual European Poker Awards is right around the corner and the Brits have had a great year. The awards are kicking off on the 13th of February in Paris and as it stands quite a few bracelets have been claimed by Brits in the WSOPEso they are well and truly in line for an award.

Players like Sam Trickett, Liz Boeree and Toby Lewis have all picked up bracelets and are biting their fingernails at the prospect of picking up an award at the European Poker Awards. Many poker fans and players alike will be tuning in for this great event so be sure to check it out.

As it stands their are three people nominated for the player of the year. Jake Cody, Sam Trickett and Vladimir Schemelev are the three nominees and I'm sure the UK are hoping to see a fellow Brit pick up the top award.

Based on previous years this is sure to be a great event so be sure to support the Brits and tune in! It's going to be a fantastic achievement for poker across the UK and shouldn't be missed!

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